Special Offer!

Economy Class Seat
For a limited time we are offering the factory new KKY420 Basic configuration for only $1,300.00 USD per passenger place, ex-works manufacturer’s dock

  •  12 week lead-time or less
  • An FAA approved TSO-C127a 16g seat
  • Low weight: <11kg per pax
  • Slender ergonomic back and contoured ergonomic seat pan
  • A choice of fabric covers are included or covers made using your fabric
  • Warranty of 84 months for seat structure
  • Full factory spares, technical publication and product support

This offer is limited and those that take advantage of it first will be able to secure a position.  If you need new seats with an FAA 16g TSO-C127a then don't wait.  This is the lowest price for a built to order shipset of seats that you will find.
The Smart Tray and Elan
The Smart Tray and Elan
The Smart Tray and Elan

The Smart Tray

The SmartTray is a great option available on our seats.

The SmartTray is a new passenger device-friendly aircraft tray table solutions that facilitate hands-free use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) including smartphones. The tray tables offer air travelers superior ergonomics, better space management, and improved comfort and convenience over conventional tray tables.

To learn more, please email: AESsales@astronics.com
The Smart Tray and Elan
The Smart Tray and Elan
Elan Business Class Seat
Elan Premium Economy Class Seat
Aircraft seats from Elan Aircraft Seating are characterized by high quality, comfort, availability and Economy. By using innovative design comcepts, and a focus on light weight materials Elan delivers a produts that meet all the needs of you passengers, while supporting our customers   to operate more economical, environment-friendly flights.

Elan emphasisis  the cost effectiveness of our products, throughout the seat’s life.

Elan Economy Class Seat
  1. Quality
    Elan seats will meet the highest international standards of quality and safety, and will be certified to FAA, EASA and CAAC requirements for 16g seating.
  2. Availability
    Long production lead times are common, and for some airlines, integrators and leasing companies, immediate or rapid supply can offer a competitive advantage.
  3. Comfort
    Ergonomic science, ‘human factors’ and ‘passenger experience’ underpin Elan seat design and combine the passenger need for comfort, safety, and durability.
  4. Economy
    Elan will focus on achieving low cost production through a combination of Lean production, economies of scale, design for manufacture, and an optimized supply chain.